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The Deli menu boasts both signature sandwiches and made-to-order sandwiches offering a wide variety of fresh ingredients, handmade pizza's, Simply to Go sandwiches, salads, fruit parfaits and snacks, assorted bakery items, and both hot and cold beverages.

Are you on a "Meal Trade Included" meal plan this year? 

If you are then you may trade out one of your Hamill Dining Hall swipes for a meal here at the Deli. The "Meal Trade" Option is only available during special lunch & dinner times and Monday thru Friday ONLY.

You may choose one following meals to trade a swipe for:

Option #1 - Turkey or PBJ Sandwich, Chips, & 20oz Fountain Soda

Option #2 - 12oz Chili or Soup, Chips, & 20oz Fountain Soda

Option #3 - Garden Salad & 20oz Bottle of Water

                    **This Meal Trade is Gluten Free**

Option #4 - Veggie Sandwich on Wheat, Chips, & 20oz Fountain Soda